Processed Foods and Organ Damage

It’s no secret heavily processed foods contain little to no nutritional value.  Highly processed foods such as sugary breakfast cereals, microwave dinners, ramen noodles and “instant” foods often contain high levels of sugar, sodium and fat but virtually no nutrients needed for proper growth and development.


Almost of these foods, which are typically found in the middle rows of the grocery store, are created using a host of chemicals to preserve them, modify their flavor and their texture.  They in essence trick your body into thinking what you are eating is actually food based on food and texture.

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When humans eat foods that are devoid of nutrient content but full of empty calories, over time we develop severe nutrient deficiencies.  While this is bad no matter who you are many of the people eating this food are children.  Developing bodies need vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates and when they don’t get them the body systems do not develop properly.  Take the case of this British girl, who eats nothing but highly processed Ramen noodles.  She is only a teenager but according to her doctors has the internal organs of an 80 year old person due to the complete lack of any nutrient value in the noodles.

Read more about her condition here.


Processed foods like those we have today are historically speaking, completely new.  People just didn’t eat this stuff until the past few decades.  Coincidently the levels of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many other conditions has skyrocketed in recent times.  Using the Ramen noodle example from above it is not hard to see how processed foods are playing a role in the downfall of our health by providing cheap calories that do not provide the nutrients the body needs.  My advice is to stay away from the middle of the grocery store.  Purchase whole, preferably organic foods from the produce, meat and bulk foods sections and either dust off your cooking skills or learn how to prepare good, nutritious food so you and your family can avoid being a part of this growing problem.


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