Of Quackery and Science: Are Nutritional Supplements Good For You?

I read a lot of news and research articles about nutritional supplements.  I like reading about this stuff.  One thing I hear a lot of people tell me these days is that they are very confused about what to do because as soon as one article comes out saying how good something like vitamin E for you is the next day another paper comes out saying that’s it is linked to some disease.  That is why I am writing todays post.   To offer my perspective from the trenches on the topic of supplement efficacy.

Before going on let me say I take supplements. I recommend them and I know they work.  BUT… this comes with a catch (don’t all things?).  The nutrients provided by a supplement need to come from a good source.  What do I mean by a good source?  Well, lets dive into the world of nutritional supplements for a bit.  It’s important for you to realize that there are two types of vitamins.  They are natural vitamin complexes found in foods and synthetic vitamins made in a lab.  The quality of a vitamin, and thus whether or not it is any good for you, is determined by the raw materials.  Pretty basic concept if you ask me.  However, many companies and groups don’t really care about your health and are concerned about making a quick buck.  That’s why they don’t take the time to source whole food supplies or make sure their processes actually produce products your body can use.




A supplement made up of whole foods will always outperform a vitamin made up of synthetic compounds.  Sadly, almost all supplements sold at regular health food stores and drug stores are synthetic and are a waste of your hard earned money.  Most studies also use synthetic vitamins so it’s really no surprise that they get results indicating poor performance or in many cases results that actually show the vitamin to be harmful. Learn more about this Here.


Supplementing the diet is a great idea but it has to be done intelligently and by intelligently I mean with substances from reputable sources and that are whole food based.  If you have questions about vitamins and supplements go to a chiropractor or naturopathic doctor.  They are usually the ones who know about whole food supplements and can get you the high quality supplements you want.

Austin EricksonAbout the Author

Dr. Austin Erickson is a chiropractor with offices in Glenwood City and the 4 Corners near New Richmond, Wisconsin. He is an expert at combining chiropractic treatment with nutritional advice to achieve excellent results. He has cured himself of psoriasis and autoimmune related arthritis using his protocols. Connect with him on Twitter and Google+


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