Name a Drink That Can Rot Your Teeth, Cause Heart Problems and Clean Rust Off Your Car Battery

Have you ever heard that drinking soda is bad for your health?  Sure you have.  But have you ever really changed your soda swilling habit?  If not maybe it’s time you did.  Soda is one on the worst things you can possibly but in your body.  To begin with it’s pretty much composed of sugar, caffeine and carbonated water along with some artificial coloring and some preservatives.  Not exactly an elixir of health.


Most soda today is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and contrary to what the mainstream science says your body reacts differently to HFCS than it does to normal sugar.  Not that it makes a ton of difference because sugar is bad news too but HFCS is actually worse as it has been shown to negatively affect organ function.  Bottom line is soda increases blood sugar dramatically which over time causes the body to develop insulin resistance and eventually diabetes as the ability to regulate blood sugar is lost.




Soda is also highly acidic.  Have you ever tried the old trick of using soda to clean off rust on battery connections?  Guess what? It works.  The corrosive effect of soda breaks down the enamel of your teeth and beats the snot out of your stomach lining.


Soda has also been linked to heart problems.  This is because soda contains caffeine which is a diuretic which causes the body to lose water.  Too much caffeine causes the body to lose too much water which affects the potassium levels in the blood.  This can lead to heart problems as it did in this well known case.


To top it all off soda contains any number of artificial colorings, flavorings and other ingredients to preserve flavor and/or freshness of the product.  Many people are allergic to artificial colorings.  Many artificial flavorings have been shown to have weird effects on people’s hormones too.  Soda is a recipe for a health disaster so the next time you are thinking of popping open a can of soda reach for some water instead.  It will instantly benefit your health, not destroy it like soda.



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