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Wheat Free Fish Sticks


This simple protein packed dish is easy to prepare and everyone from kids to grownups will love it.  I substitute wheat-free panko bread crumbs in for the usual wheat ones and you can’t even tell the difference.  Add a steamed … Continue reading

This Simple Snack Contains a Mega Dose of Vitamin C


Your body needs Vitamin C from your diet. This vital nutrient comes mostly from plant sources including oranges, lemons, mangos, broccoli, cauliflower and peppers. Getting enough Vitamin C is important because it helps protect the lining of the blood vessels, … Continue reading

Avocado Egg and Sausage Breakfast


Need a quick, easy and delicious breakfast? This one fell together a few days ago when I needed a good mix of protein and healthy fat before leaving for a hectic day running errands, picking up kids and general craziness. … Continue reading

Honey Ginger Beef Stir Fry


Yesterday as I was preparing to make a stir fry to use for lunches during the week I realized I was getting bored with my usual spices and seasonings.  Its important to mix it up in the kitchen once in … Continue reading

You Are Not Using These 3 Ingredients In Smoothies and You Should Be


A smoothie is the ultimate meal replacement.  You can add protein, veggies, fruit, chia seeds… anything you can imagine really!   And one of the best things is you can add very healthy foods that you might not normally eat … Continue reading

This INCREDIBLY Simple Healthy Breakfast Recipe Blew My Mind

egg muffins

It’s not often that I find a new recipe that is unbelievably simple, tastes amazing, is very healthy and lasts for 3 days (if I don’t eat them all right away!).   This recipe combines eggs, sausage, cheese, onion and … Continue reading

This Is What Happens When You Ask a 9 Year Old to Create a Healthy Dinner Recipe

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals and experimenting with new recipes.  Naturally my kids see me doing this and over the years have slowly gotten more and more interested in helping out with meal preparation. … Continue reading

What Supplements Do I Really Need? Plus a Healthy Dinner Recipe

Despite what the doom and gloom media may pump out about how nutritional supplements don’t have any benefit and can in fact be dangerous there are a few supplements most everyone should be taking AND are perfectly safe.   There … Continue reading

A Basic Guide to Cooking Healthy Dinner Recipes for 2

Most recipes in cookbooks are designed for family meals or for larger gatherings.  One of the most rewarding forms of cooking however is cooking a small, elegant meal for 2.  Some of the challenges of cooking for only 2 people … Continue reading

The EASIEST Healthy Dinner Recipe Ever

This quick and easy recipe lets you get a delicious and healthy dinner on the table quick.  I like to use broccoli, peas and onion but almost any combination of veggies works great. Mix it up and see what you … Continue reading