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Beef Broth from Soup Bones

This delicious and healthy broth is made from soup bones, which you can buy at your local co-op or get from the butchers shop.  It is slow simmered for several hours to extract all the healthy fats found in grass … Continue reading

Guest Post from Ben Foss of Anytime Fitness

Exercise as Medicine It’s that time of year again.  Colds and the flu are spreading and you are left wondering, how can I avoid getting sick? Or if you’ve already gotten sick, how can I start feeling better?  For most … Continue reading

A Case Study: Kids and Chiropractic Care (My Kid)

I wanted to share an experience from the past week I had.  As a chiropractor about 90% of my work involves fixing   1)Back pain from acute accidents.  Think lifting a couch, slipping and falling, playing sports or car accidents. … Continue reading

A Story about Me and My Favorite Breakfast Recipe

One of the most important aspects of my own day to day routine is the food I eat.  But for me it’s more than just something I do because I want to be healthier.  It’s something I need to do … Continue reading

Guest Author for Todays Post: Kathy Ailie on Toxicity in Personal Care Products

In the past few years, awareness of what is in our personal care products has exploded! The market is flooded with “organic”, “natural”, and “pure” products, as well as the “regulars” but many of us are becoming very aware that … Continue reading

Chiropractic Treatment Works Due to the “Use It or Lose It” Principle

A typical chiropractic treatment plan includes several adjustments administered over a period of time, usually 1-6 weeks.  This is because the adjustments work by   A)     Restoring normal motion to a joint that is otherwise restricted.  (We experience this as … Continue reading

A Nutritional Bargain You Can’t Afford to Miss!! On Sale at Your Local Grocer

Most people correctly name broccoli and cabbage as cruciferous veggies.  That’s great because these veggies are well known nutritional superstars.  Check out this list of though because there are MANY, MANY ways to eat your cruciferous veggies folks!   Cruciferous … Continue reading

Adding These 2 Simple Ingredients Can Supercharge Your Morning Coffee

It’s September here in Wisconsin and the morning air has started to have a slight chill on it.  One of my favorite parts of Fall is getting up early and having a hot cup of coffee before the business of … Continue reading

Are You Cooking In Cancer? What To Do Now To Prevent It

Have you heard the popular advice by heart health advocates to cook your food in heart-healthy extra-virgin olive oil?  Unless you enjoy ingesting cancer causing free radicals then I would suggest tossing that bit of advice right out the window. … Continue reading

The HYPE and Probiotics

Have you ever heard of probiotics?  I have noticed that they are being advertised on TV advertisements, being talked about on Yahoo news and other big media outlets and mentioned in nationally circulated magazines.  Frankly, it’s about time but what … Continue reading