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What Supplements Do I Actually Need?


Selecting nutritional supplements is hard work.  I mean, how do you know what supplements you actually need and which ones are total garbage?  I give people advice on this topic all the time and here is the basic information you … Continue reading

How to “Rest” Your Digestive Tract for More Effective Weight Loss


Much like you need to rest your muscles after a workout you also need to rest your digestive tract to allow it time to heal and recover between meals. Each meal you eat, while supplying the body with the nutrients … Continue reading

Avocado Egg and Sausage Breakfast


Need a quick, easy and delicious breakfast? This one fell together a few days ago when I needed a good mix of protein and healthy fat before leaving for a hectic day running errands, picking up kids and general craziness. … Continue reading

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Morning Coffee


Coffee is a super common way people start their days in most parts of the US.  And while many people love coffee there a few things most of us don’t know about this popular beverage that we probably should. Legend … Continue reading

To Burn Fat You Need To Make This Critical Change in Your Diet


It’s no secret many of us want to lose weight, look better and feel healthier. It is with that goal in mind that many so called “healthy diet plans” are created and touted to the public as an effective means to … Continue reading

What Supplements Do I Really Need? Plus a Healthy Dinner Recipe

Despite what the doom and gloom media may pump out about how nutritional supplements don’t have any benefit and can in fact be dangerous there are a few supplements most everyone should be taking AND are perfectly safe.   There … Continue reading

A Recipe for Disaster: American Health Care Dead Last in Health Care Quality… Again

  In the latest of many surveys to find the health care system in the United States dead last in efficiency and quality outcomes compared to other industrialized nations I think its time we take a good look at WHY … Continue reading

A Basic Guide to Cooking Healthy Dinner Recipes for 2

Most recipes in cookbooks are designed for family meals or for larger gatherings.  One of the most rewarding forms of cooking however is cooking a small, elegant meal for 2.  Some of the challenges of cooking for only 2 people … Continue reading

3 Essential Things to Know for Making a Healthy Pancake Recipe

There are few foods as universally loved as pancakes.  Unfortunately many of the pre-made mixes found in grocery stores these days are wheat based and contain many preservatives, anti-caking agents and other stabilizing ingredients that are not healthy for the … Continue reading

Flu Killer

This time of year is full of nasty little illnesses like colds, coughs, flu and a host of other things that can happen. If you live up in the north portion of the U.S. I recommend a vitamin D3 supplement … Continue reading