Lose Weight and Have More Energy!

Hi, I’m Dr. Austin Erickson and if  you want to lose weight and have more energy WITHOUT radically changing your lifestyle then you have come to the right place.  If you have tried wacky diet plans and crazy exercise programs and still struggled to lose weight and increase energy don’t give up!  Creating a sustainable, enjoyable plan for your health is what this website is all about!

I’ve tried just about everything out there from severely restricted diets to crazy hard 5-times a week heavy lifting routines and in the end a simple, balanced plan is what I found to have the best impact on my body.  The truth is no plan will work long term if there isn’t balance.  I have found this to be the biggest problem with most diet and exercise plans… they require a gargantuan amount of commitment which simply isn’t going to happen for most people.

There is a way to maximize your bodies fat burning, energy creating capabilities and you can do it with a few simple changes in how you eat(you can still eat the foods you love), how you exercise, how you prepare for sleep and what supplements you take (very few).

If you are ready to unlock your bodies potential click here or email me at cookingchiropractor@gmail.com   Once you know the rules of the game it becomes so much easier and you will wonder where all these fad diets and exercise programs come from.






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